About us

The most important characteristic of Liwa International School - founded in 1992, is the school climate that gives us the opportunity to offer the kind of education that contributes to the future growth of students. In order to fulfill this goal, we have developed an administrative system that resulted in the international quality-assurance certificate, ISO 9001:2008. This system has been built on the basis that the only path to prosperity and success involves continual self-assessment, improvement, and change. We believe that this is how we will move forward towards progress. Our main goals are to:

 Increase the awareness and technological competence of students.

 Develop the skills of students and faculty.

 Enhance the communication with, and feedback from society.

 Deliver programs which are compatible with the needs and interests of the community.

 Identify the needs of the school community in an effort to improve school climate.

This high level of performance was achieved through the participation of all staff members in assuming responsibility for managing the school and contributing to the success of the educational process, regardless of their status or position in the Organizational Chart. From this perspective, the school was keen on ensuring the participation of all staff members (administrative and teaching) in the formulation of its educational vision and mission.

We make every effort to give our students and athletic teams the support they deserve as representatives of our school. Students strive to meet the expectations of their teachers both in and out of the classroom. Teachers continue to apply new and innovative approaches to guarantee that we offer our students the best overall program. Our Management Team challenges every student and<